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As tenants we are treated so badly

23 July, 2021

• I WRITE to say how terribly we tenants are treated by Peabody and their contractor Axis.

The other day, for the umpteenth time, I sat by my landline for five hours, scared even to leave to go to the bathroom in case I missed Axis’s call.

I have bad hearing so I have to leave a notice downstairs to telephone me rather than ring the buzzer which does not sound through my flat, and it is all very tense.

I’d spent the evening before moving everything away from the windows, removed everything hanging around them, had had bad sleep because they’d insisted on an early morning visit.

I was up at 6.15am. They didn’t come! They haven’t contacted me, nothing new, and it will take me up to an hour to contact them.

I have been trying to get my windows fixed for nearly two years – they wouldn’t open the correct way after redecorating in July 2019.

I can’t get to my window sills to care for my plants and I couldn’t get out in case of fire. I am 82.

I have to say, I didn’t really expect them. Since July 2019 they have cancelled or broken so many appointments – one, even after the death of my own son in the week before the first lockdown.

I had thought I’d better accept their appointment when I should have been getting into my son’s flat. They didn’t turn up and I didn’t get into the flat for three months. It just goes on and on.

Labour MP Emily Thornberry has tried to help me, and still is. But Peabody don’t give a damn about us. And they don’t reply to letters. In the past year I’ve sent two registered letters at £7 each to the chief executive, but no reply!

An example of how they regard us: I had lived here for 16 years, our communal windows (down the stairs) had never been cleaned in those 16 years.

I wrote to Peabody and asked why becoming a Peabody tenant meant living in a slum? They were cleaned and I was told they’d be cleaned annually. That was over six years ago and that has never happened.

Also they are fixed with such narrow gaps we couldn’t escape in a fire. This is at the same time as the communal smoke alarms go off when there is no smoke or fire.

I have been told by another contractor “it’s just one of those things”. Estate managers are impossible to get hold of now. It is as if we have been forgotten.



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