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Confirmed: C2 bus route WILL be axed

Changes to No. 88 bus route will miss out stops around Mornington Crescent and Warren Street

17 January, 2019 — By Helen Chapman

TRANSPORT chiefs have confirmed the C2 bus route will be axed and changing the route of the No 88 despite opposition from regular passengers.

Survey results from Transport for London’s consultation showed 66 per cent of respondents “opposed or strongly opposed” plans to cut the service; only 15 per cent “supported or strongly supported” the changes.

One objector said a petition of 2,000 people opposing the plans was counted as just one response to the consultation.

Under a new timetable, the 88 bus route will be extended so that it runs between Clapham Common and Parliament Hill Fields, via Piccadilly and Oxford Circus.

It will be re-routed to run via the current C2 route between Great Portland Street and Parliament Hill Fields, meaning the 88 will no longer serve its previous stops at Mornington Crescent tube station, Hampstead Road, Warren Street tube station or Euston Road.

Simon Foster, former chair of the Albert Street North Residents’ Association, said: “It was presented as a positive development in the consultation, but a lot of old people rely on public transport in Camden Town and are not car owners.”

He added: “There is always suspicion about these consultations. If it is a positive result then everything is all right and if the result is negative it simply gets ignored. It raises the question of how genuine these actually are. It just seems like a process point they have to get through and a waste of taxpayers’ money, which would be better allocated by putting them directly into the public services that are under threat.”

Gerry Dermody, who lives in Cumberland Terrace and protested against the plans by gathering a petition of 2,000 people who opposed the plans, said: “They didn’t spread the news of the announcement. One or two bus stops had notices on them but we didn’t know about it. We only found out about the consultation from the New Journal. We submitted our petition to TfL but it was only counted as one response to the consultation.”

Changes to the routes will be implemented in the spring.

Geoff Hobbs, TfL’s director of public transport service planning, said: “Our evidence shows that there are significantly more buses than there is demand along Hampstead Road and we are therefore making changes to routes C2 and 88 to ensure the network is more efficiently run, with buses where they are needed most. All locations on the current C2 route would be served by an amended 88 bus route, with journey times remaining the same.”


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