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Cyclists should look out for pedestrians

28 November, 2019

‘Urging all cyclists not to bomb along and to look out for pedestrians’

• I HOPE the following will deter cyclists from going too fast and encourage them to slow down for pedestrians…

I was knocked down by a cyclist on Bridge Approach in Primrose Hill last Tuesday morning. I was crossing the road, which includes the cycle path, and I was about a foot away from the cyclist, so no chance of getting out of the way.

And she was going so fast she couldn’t stop in time. I have hurt my elbow and knee and have to take painkillers. The cyclist did not get off her bike or come over to me. She just watched as other people picked me and my belongings up.

She said that I should not have been in the cycle lane; but that is unavoidable because it runs the entire length of the road. She admitted she was “bombing it”. She didn’t ask me if I was OK. Once I was standing up she cycled off.

I urge all cyclists not to bomb along and to look out for pedestrians, because we have a right to walk to work, home or wherever without jumping out of the way of cyclists or worse, getting knocked down by them.

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