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Dilemma I faced when my Persian cat was suffering

11 August, 2017

• I HAVE a Persian cat who went through three operations, botched jobs, which meant I had to go back.

The animal hospital promised me I would be able to pay via a payment plan but I was then ordered to pay £250 on the spot or they would not operate.

My Persian cat is my companion. He relieves my mental health symptoms. I am under the care of social services and get paid very little. I was told that if I could not pay then my suffering animal would not be operated on.

It seems to me there is a systematic stealing of pedigree animals from poor people. From the first visit I was told that if I could not pay for vet fees they could take him off me and re-home him. This is the last thing you want to hear when your animal is your best friend and suffering.



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