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Euston water main bursts for third time in two years

Residents panicked as water started to flow into road again

12 September, 2019 — By Samantha Booth

Thames Water repair teams in Eversholt Street. (Credit: Simon Lamrock)

RESIDENTS went into panic when a pipe burst for the third time in two years in Euston.

The new leak has increased fears from people living in Eversholt Street and the surrounding roads that their homes and belongings are continually at risk from flooding.

Thames Water said it can “never guarantee” that its pipes will not burst.

Mother-of-three Tammy Paul told the New Journal: “I panicked. My friends’ husband was driving past and they rang and said ‘get everything off the floor, the water is coming again’.”

Families were relieved that the leakage on Sunday did not in the end cause a similar amount of damage as two previous bursts on Eversholt Street.

The leaking water at the junction with Doric Way was contained to just the road on Sunday, aside from a few inches which got into the basement of an office building.

The scene at the weekend. (Credit: @zenastaxi)

In October 2017, when the same pipe burst in the same location, Ms Paul suffered serious damage to her carpets and sofas at her Churchway home.

Another burst in June this year, also caused damage to her home. Although not as serious, the lasting damp from the water makes her young daughter’s rare bone condition worse, she said. “It’s terrifying,” the 45-year-old said.

“We got the sandbags and everything and put them outside the front door waiting for it to come down the road and hoped for the best. It’s getting ridiculous.”

Somers Town Mosque, in Churchway, was also damaged in both previous floods.

Mohammed Abdul Malique, mosque treasurer, said they were “worried” on Sunday.

He added: “We are concerned because if we have a burst like the last one, it’s going to affect us every time.”

Mosque director Mohammed Haque, volunteer Ataur Tatukdar and treasurer Moham­med Abdul Malique

Councillor Adam Harrison, the council’s environment chief, said it was “very disappointing” and added it “does not demonstrate that earlier assurances we received have been met”.

He said the council has asked for details about what Thames Water will do to make sure it does not happen again.

The company is expected to be quizzed by councillors on the environment scrutiny committee in November.

Last month, Thames Water actively admitted discovering a major leak that was shedding three million litres of water every day into a “void beneath the road” in Bloomsbury.

A Thames Water spokesman said: “We’re really sorry to everyone affected by the temporary road closure as we fix a burst on a 16-inch diameter pipe.

“Our engineers were quickly on site and we expect to reopen the road by the weekend.

“As this is the same pipe that burst in 2017 and in June we’ve launched an investigation to see why this has happened.

“Thames Water is spending more than £1million every day to reduce leakage and is fixing an average of 1,400 pipes every week.”

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