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Highbury station plans must preserve venue

11 August, 2017

• I WAS pleased to see that Transport for London is having a look at plans to reopen the old Highbury station at the southern end of Holloway Road as part of an expansion of the existing Highbury and Islington station on the other side of the road.

Using this facility would be especially welcome if it creates step-free access to the station from street level.

We in the Green Party believe that investment in public transport and in transport facilities that are accessible for people with disabilities is a vital component in the better, greener city that we would like to see.

It is also encouraging that the transport decision-makers seem to be listening to residents who want the old station restored to use and to see new homes built on the site.

It would, however, be unfortunate if the changes included the demolition of the music venue that is now on the site. Live music venues are an important part of the service-based and community-focused economies we hope will play a more prominent part in the future.

Islington Green Party


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