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Horse racing is not ‘posh’

07 January, 2021

Illustration by John Sadler

• IN his letter (Lessons from an epic past, December 31), Mike Bor seemed to be comparing the treatment of lepers in the film Ben Hur with contemporary actions, referring to “the upmarket Cheltenham-like chariot races (that) were only for the posh…”

I really do take exception to the idea of only posh people going racing.

Every racecourse has different ticket levels, just like theatre and other events. The general admission is never very expensive and while Cheltenham Festival tickets may cost more, so would the FA Cup Final.

I own a share in eight different racehorses – all for the huge cost of about £50 or £60 each for the whole year, no extra charges incurred. That’s probably less than a lot of unposh people spend for day at a football match, or even a night on the booze.

But because I – a pensioner – choose to spend my money on racing and not on electronic gadgets, high fashion, or nights in the pub does not make me posh.



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