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Kate visits community garden rescued from rubble

18 January, 2019 — By Calum Fraser

The Duchess of Cambridge at King Henry’s Walk Garden. ‘She’s so beautiful,’ said one fan. Picture: Royal Horticultural Society

THE Duchess of Cambridge mucked in with schoolchildren when she made her first public appearance of the year at a community garden.

Kate helped pupils from St Jude and St Paul’s Primary School as they planted flowers, designed bird boxes and made wood fire oven pizzas at King Henry’s Walk Garden in Mildmay on Tuesday.

The bird boxes will be seen in May at Chelsea Flower Show, where Kate has co-designed her own woodland wonderland.

During the royal visit Charlie Lambert-Staples, 2, showed the Duchess a worm he had found in the garden. His mother, Leonie Lambert, said: “He held the worm up to Kate and told her that he was looking for its mum.

“She looked like she was keen to help Charlie find the worm’s mum, but he suddenly went really shy and hid between my legs. She was lovely though and seemed down to earth.”

The garden, run for more than a decade by community volunteers, has growing plots residents can rent.

Kate arrived to cheers from a group of around 20 residents.

Marnie Rose, a founder member of the garden, said: “We were very excited to meet her, I have barely slept or eaten anything all week.

“She really knew her stuff and you could tell she was actually interested in what we were doing. She clearly wanted to get a proper feel of a garden that the community is truly involved in.”

Ms Rose, who lives in Mildmay Grove South and runs outdoor learning charity The Garden Classroom, said: “Kate’s visit is part of a wider movement in the country recognising the importance of green spaces and learning in nature.

“If a group of us had not come together all those years ago to save this place, we could be looking at a pile of rubble at the moment.”

Tina Dixon, 37, who was at the garden early to meet the Duchess, said: “I was lost for words when she arrived, I almost cried. She’s so beautiful.”


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