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Let’s share the wealth we create in our borough

07 February, 2019

Cllr Georgia Gould

• CAMDEN is one of the fastest growing parts of the UK, but for too many the wealth and opportunities being generated on our doorstep feel increasingly out of reach.

Fifty-eight per cent of Londoners living in poverty have a family member in work – up 44 per cent from a decade ago. The level of inequality we face not only threatens social justice but also social cohesion.

Camden may have seen half our budget cut by the Conservative government but we are refusing to retreat from our communities.

We are committed to intervening directly to challenge the inequality on our doorstep through programmes to address poverty, homelessness, and unemployment.

This week Camden, Islington and Hackney will publish a report alongside the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) on how we can lead a community wealth building approach for London.

We write about how we are directly intervening to challenge inequalities by:

• Building up our in-house capacity where we can with an insourcing agenda including repairs, fire safety and facilities management. This builds on a strong tradition of direct delivery including a council as developer model which will deliver over a 1,100 new council homes by 2025 and defending and supporting Camden’s family of schools to deliver academic excellence while staying connected to the local authority and communities.

• Investing in our voluntary sector and supporting the development of co-operatives.

• Working with trade unions and business to push high work standards. Camden was one of the first boroughs to adopt the London Living Wage (now we have the second highest concentration of living wage employers in London) and Unison’s ethical care charter which resulted in over 1,000 home care workers employed with contractors receiving a £2.50 per hour wage increase, and homecare workers being paid travel time as a minimum expectation of their contracts.

• Stepping in where government is failing by investing £5million over the next three years to support those furthest from the labour market and residents trapped by in-work poverty.

We want to see the wealth and opportunity in Camden shared with all our residents but also other parts of our city and country. We are committed to being part of building a new inclusive economic model that leaves no one behind.

Leader of Camden Council


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