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Our daughter’s cycling to school now

15 October, 2020

Traffic in Arlington Road 

• LOW Traffic Neighbourhoods are essential to get our children walking and cycling to school.

We live in a block of flats off Arlington Road and our daughter’s journey to school crosses the new Arlington Road LTN, (Calls to reverse low traffic scheme on ‘gridlock’ roads, October 8).

Until recently it had become a very stressful journey because car usage on our local roads has doubled in the last few years thanks to GPS and smart phones directing drivers down short-cuts only London’s cabbies previously knew about.

Yes, there was chaos when the scheme first went in – and Camden didn’t cover itself in glory by not putting up any advance notifications – but now that the mapping companies have updated their maps, residents can already see a massive reduction in traffic levels.

Our daughter can now cycle to school, which is what government and her head teacher are urging her to do. To get more people cycling and walking like her we need to tame the GPS apps and LTNs are an essential part of this.



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