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Parents warned that school gates WhatsApp groups spread anxiety

Unofficial info shared between several messaging groups operating at primary school

23 October, 2017

PARENTS have been urged to be wary of information spread around school gate WhatsApp groups.

The quickfire social media chat service, used by more than a billion people around the world, allows groups of people to share messages and photos. But a primary school in Kentish Town is worried that the spread of comments about school life is causing “anxiety”. In a bulletin to parents last week,

James Humphries, headteacher at Kentish Town Church of England School in Islip Street, said: “I‘m aware that several classes operate [WhatsApp] groups and they have occasionally become a forum where parents raise concerns and thus spread anxiety and misunderstand­ings, sometimes without a full picture of events, school policy or without enabling school staff to explain, allay anxieties or answer simple queries.”


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