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Police investigating West Hampstead break-ins arrest man

Officers say a burglary suspect has been held in West End Lane

23 July, 2018 — By Tom Foot

The latest break in at David’s Deli

POLICE investigating a string of commercial break-ins in West Hampstead have arrested a man allegedly trying to get into a shop.

The arrest in the early hours today (Monday) follows a spate of overnight-raids on shops in West End Lane in recent weeks.

More than 30 businesses in the street have been hit with many independent traders deciding to protect their units with new shutters. Kilburn police said on Twitter this morning: “Police have arrested a male early this morning in West End Lane NW6 for burglary of a shop nearby. Suspect currently in custody.”

The break-ins sparked concerns that cuts to police stations and officer numbers has left West Hampstead open to opportunist thieves.

Ian Cohen, who runs a dry cleaners in West End Lane which was broken into earlier this month, has been leading calls for action.

He said police had been “fantastic” in collecting forensics and evidence from the shops that were broken into.

David’s Deli was one of the last shops to be broken into on Thursday after a large chunk of paving stone was thrown through the front window. The break-ins have been similar, with front door glass panes being smashed in the early hours of the morning. Often just small amounts of cash or goods have been taken.

West Hampstead councillor Lorna Russell said: “Hope this is our suspect and that businesses can feel safe again.”


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