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Police must have the means to stop the moped muggers

05 October, 2017

• I READ with astonishment this week that the Conservative minister for policing is going to launch a review of the rules for chasing moped muggers because there is uncertainty about whether police can chase riders without helmets.

These are just warm words from the Conservatives, it does not represent any activity whatsoever. Gospel Oak and Camden residents do not want reviews, they want action and they want arrests.

Moped mugging is currently a scourge on the community. Residents have been injured, roads on our estates have been rendered no-go areas, and it is scaring visitors away.

I’ve been out on the beat with our ward police officers and in a couple of hours we recovered five SIM cards from stolen mobiles, two stolen wallets and a driving licence.

Residents need to keep personal items safe while they are on the street but the police need the means to stop these thieves. They don’t need Whitehall reviews kicking the issue into the long grass.

Labour, Gospel Oak ward


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