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Pollution and noise are on the up

17 September, 2021

‘LTNs are speeding up the process of poisoning the poor’

• YOUR correspondent K Fallon is right when he says that the wealthy are poisoning the poor with the exhaust fumes from their cars, (We need to disincentivise motor vehicle use, September 10).

But his conclusion that LTNs, low traffic neighbour­hoods, will solve this problem is, I feel, the exact opposite of the truth.

My flat is on the Essex Road, which is now completely encircled by LTNs. Mostly these roads, now so peaceful and empty, consist of largish, single-occupancy houses with gardens, their expensive cars parked outside.

Where are the cars being driven now these roads are closed to them? Cars haven’t gone away, but have moved exclusively on to the main roads, causing a massive increase in traffic and pollution and noise.

Here more of us live, mostly in flats, mostly poorer. We now suffer an interminable, unceasing, line of cars, engines running, irritably hooting, such as there never was before.

It is the creation of the wide surrounding LTNs that have caused this problem. In fact they are speeding up the process of poisoning the poor.

Every day now, as I wipe the black oily deposits from my window sills, I reflect on the fact that my life is so less valued than those enjoying the LTNs.



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