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Slaney served £5k bill, with seven days to pay

Somers Town woman who opposed plan for 25-storey tower near her home gets demand from Camden Council

09 March, 2017 — By John Gulliver

Slaney Devlin

WITH the studied indifference of a bureaucrat, a Camden Council official has sent an email – via Slaney Devlin’s lawyers – demanding a payment of £5,000 to be settled by her within seven days.

Slaney Devlin is a Somers Town woman who opposed a plan for a 25-storey tower near her home.

For her pains, a High Court judge dismissed her case, ordering her to pay £5,000 costs.

Slaney chairs the Somers Town Neighbourhood Forum but took up the legal challenge herself.

For weeks she has been waiting for the council’s bill – hoping that good sense would prevail and that she would not be pursued, some might say, vindictively. She did not pursue the council out of base selfish reasons but by the highest notions of neighbourliness – aiming to protect Somers Town from a controversial project opposed by local councillors as well as amenity groups.

In the time-honoured way – key councillors left the question of debt-chasing to officials. In his letter, William Bartlett, Planning Solicitor, writes on “behalf of my client” Camden Council, then, in effect, says Slaney should have known what she was doing with such “unarguable grounds”. Then: pay up or “provide proposals for payment”.

Slaney raised £5,000 on a crowdfunding website but faces a bill from her own lawyers.

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