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Spray the streets with disinfectant, says father of young man who died from coronavirus

Funeral for Adam Harkins-Sullivan due to take place next week with people paying respects from windows and balconies

16 April, 2020 — By Tom Foot

Adam Harkins-Sullivan

THE father of a young man who died from coronavirus has criticised the lack of deep cleaning in the streets.

Andrew Sullivan – whose son Adam Harkins-Sullivan died aged 28 in University College Hospital – said it was “disgusting” this country was not routinely disinfecting roads, bus stops and phoneboxes.

Major street sanitisation operations to stop the spread of Covid-19 have been ordered in Wuhan, China, where the pandemic began, and cities in Italy where a severe outbreak has unfolded. This has not been matched in London.

Mr Sullivan said: “I have not seen anyone doing any extra cleaning. They should be deep cleaning everything. The bank machines, everyone is touching them. These dirty phone boxes, they are still being used as public toilets.”

The family do not know where and when exactly Adam, one of the youngest patients to die in the UK, was infected. Although the elderly and people with underlying health conditions are more at risk of serious forms of the coronavirus, younger patients have also faced difficulties.


Mr Sullivan said: “We are next to perhaps the biggest project in London’s history, HS2. You have massive developments in King’s Cross and Euston, but you walk down Somers Town and it’s run-down.”

He added: “We are one of the richest nations in the world but so much more needs to be done.”

Adam’s funeral is on April 22

Mr Sullivan is preparing to bury his popular son Adam in St Pancras and Islington cemetery on Wednesday (April 22). Crowds are expected to pay their respects from windows and balconies as a horse-drawn hearse leaves Levertons in Eversholt Street at 12.15pm. Only eight people, however, are allowed to attend the service due to the current restrictions.

Mr Sullivan said: “I have lost my best friend. Me and Adam were closer than close. It’s broken my heart. I can’t stop crying out about him. His little son, Harry, he is crying his eyes out. I’m not allowed to pick him up.”

He added: “No one has been allowed to view the body. MPs need to be compensating families on the frontline, all of them whether they are living or dead. They also should be paying everyone who has lost somebody. £5,000 to bury Adam? Where are people living on a normal wage going to get money like that?”

“The whole of this society is upside down. In my world if you are on £3,000 a month you are having a right result, but these footballers are getting £250,000 a week – while nurses are struggling to save lives. MPs are drinking the best cognac and eating the best lobster. If we owe the Inland Revenue £128 they are on our case straight away. Why haven’t we had the foresight in the past to put the hospitals right in the first place and to fix the NHS.”

A council spokesperson said: “Disinfectant spraying of public streets is not part of the guidance. Protecting the public is our top priority so we are working closely with Veolia to provide a full street cleansing service.”

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