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The city corporation are bullies

09 September, 2021

A notice warning that after-dark fishing has been suspended

• IT’S a time-honoured tactic that has been adopted by the City of London’s Heath management team. It’s called mass reprisals, (Heath anglers in the dark over night ban, September 2).

A few wrong ’uns who may or may not be anglers misbehave on the Heath, so let’s ban all overnight fishing. That’ll larn ’em!

Real night fishing must be one of the most inoffensive pastimes ever. As I understand it, they throw most of what they catch back in the water.

Contrast that action to the way a rather too substantial number of wrong ’uns in the City of London are dealt with when they crash the entire economy. Strip them all of their bonuses for a year? No chance!

Pick on the small people, every time. It’s called bullying.



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