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The new Pears Building deserves better

15 July, 2021

The gardens at the Pears Building

• THE Pears Building, next to the Royal Free Hospital, is very necessary but construction that has caused great inconvenience to many, especially to local residents.

So having put up with the construction, you can image my sadness to see the lack of imagination the charity have put into the gardens at the front of the Pears Building, making the passage way look like a bunker.

Much discussion between residents and the charity have taken place saying the importance of great gardens for mental health for all, but instead of planting large plants to make an instant garden, they have weedy looking plants (pictured above) stuck in bark, looking something like Derek Jarman’s garden on the shingle in Dungeness; which, by the way, I love there but not in NW3.

Most of the fir trees they planted died so they have had to replace them, a total waste of money and time, this is what the private patients in their hotel will look into. There has not been a watering system installed, as was recommended, so watch this space become a dead garden for us all to look at.

I suggest the charity think about the use of the garden and maintenance so as to avoid a wasted garden and study the work of Nigel Dunnett, as seen at the Barbican. They need to make this top priority.

The Barbican:



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