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The Ruth Ellis and David Blakely case was complex

03 December, 2021

• CHARLOTTE Chambers writes in her article on Holloway Prison that Ruth Ellis was executed without the abuse she suffered from her boyfriend being considered, (Women ‘left with crumbs from the table’ in proposal for former Holloway jail site, November 26).

The reason the abuse was not considered was that Ellis did not mention it at her trial, instead claiming, “We were deeply in love”.

Ellis had told friends that David Blakely was violent but Blakely accused her likewise. We do know however that it was Blakely who ran away and took refuge with friends and that it was Ellis who pursued and killed him.

This suggests it was not a case of a woman killing an abusive partner out of desperation but of a rejected partner following and killing the partner who had rejected her.

Such cases are all too common but almost invariably it is the woman who is the fugitive / victim and the man the pursuer / murderer.

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