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The virtual reality hospital: Public can see life through eyes of the elderly

One of the healthcare apps on show, Alfred Lab, is designed as an “empathy training exercise”

20 April, 2017 — By Tom Foot

The Business Design Centre in Islington

A VIRTUAL reality “hospital” will take centre stage at a technology show this weekend.

The public are invited to visit the eight-room hospital at the Virtual Reality Show, in the Business Design Centre, at the Angel, Islington and try their hand at an operating table in one of the surgery simulators.

There will also be a range of technologies that allow the user to get a sense of old age or what it’s like to live with dementia and other degenerative conditions.

According to the organisers: “The VR Hospital will be made up of four of five major medical interactive training installations designed to help medical professionals, as well as press and businesses, to truly understand the impact VR is having on medicine and healthcare today, and begin conversations on the exciting opportunities that it presents. “Virtual Reality is having a profound impact on many different parts of 21st-century medicine and healthcare – from surgical training and pain management through to exposure therapy and brain damage assessment.”

There is also the latest technology for helping veterans cope with combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder. One of the healthcare apps on show, Alfred Lab, is designed as an “empathy training exercise”. It aims to give people a sense of the ageing process, according to its creator Carrie Shaw. He said: “Ageing is a complex experience, it’s not just about not being able to see or hear. Someone who comes into the doctor is a person; they have a family and a history and a past.”

NASA will also be at the event, showing off their “Jet Propulsion Laboratory”.

In a conference session, there will be a chance to walk around on the Martian surface and explore the terrain of the red planet in VR. The show runs from today (Thursday) to Sunday and for more information visit https://www.virtual


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