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They were singing on the bridge

15 July, 2021

Primrose Hill is one of London’s most scenic spot [Rajiv Bhuttan]

• THERE were always going to be unintended consequences from the rash decision to throw youngsters out of Primrose Hill at 10pm at weekends, (‘Keepers’ consider ways to protect Primrose Hill from rowdy revellers, July 9).

Now they collect at Primrose Hill bridge at 10.15pm and stay singing and shouting till moved by the police.

On Saturday five adventurers even climbed the steel girders to the top to conduct the singing. Underneath, and a false step away, there are express trains and 25 thousand volt power cables.

I bet the brain-boxes who decided to close the park never thought of this.

(50 yards from bridge)
Gloucester Avenue, NW1


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