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We are calling for proportional representation

17 January, 2019

Sir Keir Starmer MP meets local residents in NW3

• THIRTEEN local residents were delighted to meet Sir Keir Starmer MP on January 11 to lobby him for a change in the way MPs are elected to the House of Commons.

We met him to say the current voting system – first past the post – is broken and results in a parliament that does not look the way people voted. Instead we would like a proportional system where seats match votes.

We believe that the current political chaos is a result of our broken system as people have lost faith in our government system being fair or truly representative. We would also like a written constitution to protect citizens which Sir Keir supported.

In the last election 68 per cent of people wasted their votes as these 22 million votes had no effect on the outcome because of all the safe seats; only voting in about 80 seats makes any difference across the country to any election result.

Courthope Road, NW3


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