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Will Slaney have to pay legal bill?

£5,000 charge after failed bid to stop 25-storey skyscraper being built

16 February, 2017 — By John Gulliver

Slaney Devlin

A £5,000 bill hangs over Slaney Devlin – and she is wondering whether she will have to pay it.

The charge follows her failure at the High Court to stop the Town Hall from going ahead with a plan to build a 25-storey skyscraper in Somers Town.

The judge, Mr Justice Jay, found against her legal team and awarded costs of £5,000 demanded by Camden council. It was only a half-day hearing but the council’s bill reached £5,000 because they had briefed a top QC to argue their case.

That was a week last Tuesday – eight days ago. Yet, the council still hasn’t sent their bill to Slaney Devlin’s solicitors. Are they having second thoughts?

I understand junior council officials at the court discussed costs with Slaney Devlin and intimated they would approach more senior colleagues for guidance. Since then there has been silence.

Several readers, annoyed at such high costs, have contacted me – one sent a small cheque to help the campaigner.

So far, about £5,000 has been raised on the crowdfunding site, Crowdjustice, to help Slaney Devlin meet her legal bills. Assuming her own lawyers will charge more than £2,000 she will still have to meet their bill.

Fighting the council legally can be a costly affair!

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