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Years of work, mates and jazz… luckier than most

15 June, 2018

Luigi Indri, who wrote the the poem, My Life, for the new Word Garden

• My life

London is my home
Finsbury, EC1
All I’ve ever known.

Silvertooth, Wee, Lou and Luigi,
Names I’ve answered to,
Names they’ve called me.

Kenny and Dave, Doug, Bill and Dell,
Mates of mine, then and now.
Belinda Castle, Wheatshead, Brewmaster,
Now St Luke’s, a few happy times.
St Peter and Paul’s, Highbury County,
Eighteen years of learning the industry,
A few happy times,
Luckier than most

Thorn Electrical
Enterprise Electronics,
Skarpin Industrial Corp,
Forty-eight years of exciting work,
Luckier than most.

Manor House Jazz Club,
100 Club, Oxford Street,
The Six Bells, Kings Road, Chelsea,
Jazz Jazz Jazz

Christine, Ann
Gwen, Mary,
Names I hope I will never forget.

A few happier times.
Luckier than most.

1940 to 2040 –
I hope,
But who knows?

Written by LUIGI INDRI for the Word Garden at Kings Square Gardens in Bunhill


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